Kind of Stamping Dies for Automotive Parts

There are lots of sheet metal parts in automotive need to be formed by stamping dies. We are experienced in stamping dies for automotive. The dies we have made  are exported to Ecuador, North American, America, etc. We have rich experience accumulated by producing automotive parts with excellent quality, optimized lead time and cost efficiency.                 Read more

Plastic-MouldSTAMPING DIES we can make are stage stamping dies, progressive dies, transfer dies,and so on. Rich experiences guarantee reasonble die structure and higher utilization of material.
What we built are related to home appliance, automotive, AO, electronics, etc. All the moulds are machined in house with our own addvanced equipments and perfect machines.
Our own trade company to import&export goods. Hiparter Trade is approved by the State Ministry of Commerce, China customs registration. Full service in exporting dies&moulds without delay.

Latest Stage Stamping Dies

Latest Microwave Oven Parts

  • Microwave Oven Inner Metal Door
    Microwave Oven Inner Metal Door The microwave oven cavity/chassis and door are made by metal-forming techniques, and then painted by electro-deposition, in which electric current is used to apply the…
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  • China Microwave Oven Stamping Die
    China Microwave Oven Stamping Die Made in China; Product: Microwave oven; Capacity: 18L, 20L,21L,23L,25L,etc. Make stamping dies for almost all the sheet metal part of microwave oven; Reasonable die structure;…
    Read 11908 times
  • Microwave Oven U-section Stamping Die
    Microwave Oven U-section Stamping Die Place of Origin: Qingdao, China; Brand Name: Hiparter; Shaping Mode: Punching Mold; Product Material: Metal; Die Type: Progressive Die; Rich experience over 12 years; ISO9001:2008;…
    Read 12555 times

Latest Progressive Dies

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