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Latest Progressive Dies

  • Citroen 405ECS Motor Carbon Brush Holder Progressive Tool
    Citroen 405ECS Motor Carbon Brush Holder Progressive Tool Made in Qingdao,China.Used in Citroen 405 ECS;Part Material: Cuzn;Material Thickness:0.6mm;Stages Quantity:17;Toold Material: SKD11,Cr12mov;Spart Parts: PUNCH,Misumi standard;FOB Qingdao;Payment: TT; Related progressive…
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  • Sheet Metal Cable Clamp Progressive Stamping Die
    Sheet Metal Cable Clamp Progressive Stamping Die 1)Product Used: Porsche¬† Cable Clamp 2)Product Material: HC260LA 3)Material Thickness: 1.5mm; 4)Die type:¬† Progressive die; 5)Stages Quantity: 15 6)Cavity: 1…
    Read 1139 times
  • China Progressive Die
    China Progressive Die Made in Qingdao, China Die type: Progressive die Die material: SKH-9,ASP-23,SKD11, CR12MOV, DC53, etc Spare parts: Punch, MISUMI Gas Spring:…
    Read 3695 times
  • Copper Part Progression Die
    Copper Part Progression Die China progression die manufacturer with more than 10 years' experience Die type: Progression die Die material: SKD11, CR12MOV, DC53, etc…
    Read 5584 times
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