Kind of Stamping Dies for Automotive Parts

Sunday, 12 August 2007 06:13
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There are lots of sheet metal parts in automotive need to be formed by stamping dies. We are experienced in stamping dies for automotive. The dies we have made  are exported to Ecuador, North American, America, etc. We have rich experience accumulated by producing automotive parts with excellent quality, optimized lead time and cost efficiency.


Auto parts we have made relate to seat assembly, frame, bumper, fender, closure panel, header elements, rear assembly, steeling wheel, cylinder gasket, , and metal accessories of automotive. Auto brands extend from KIA, SINOTRUCK, FIAT, FAW, HONDA, to VW, TOYOTA, FORD, G. Motor, Mitsubishi, and so on.


With reliable quality, wide knowledge and technologies, and perfect service system, we win the strategic partnership with KIA, SINOTRUCK, VW, and also the moulds are high acknowledged by customers from over 30 countries, including USA, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Korea, Japan, UK, Germany, India etc. The business relationship with some customers reach more than 4 years old.


To make best quality moulds, guaranteed delivery time, excellent service and cost efficiency will be our forever promise to each customer.



Truck Central Panel Casting Die
Truck Central Panel, JSH270C
Seat Base Stamping Die
Auto Seat Base for GM Mould stages: drawing, trimming, piercing, blanking etc.…
Auto Seat Back Plate Stamping Moulds
Auto Seat Back Plate Stamping Moulds Part material: SPC440 Stages: Drawing, blanking…














Bus seat
Metal Seat used on public bus, 1.5mm ST37, mult-stages moulds pressed. Batch production…
Auto seat
Auto seat mould exported to Toyota. Complex drawing, drawn height around 30mm,…
Auto  Stamping Die
Auto  Stamping Die
Auto metal part
Auto Lock parts, progressive die stamped, 0.7mm SPCC. Bending angle 90 degree+/-0.1mm.…
Sheet Metal Part of Automobile
Sheet Metal Part of Automobile
Automotive Metal Part
Automotive Metal Part
Automotive Stamping Die
Automotive Stamping Die
Automotive Seat Metal Part
Automotive Seat Metal Frame Die stages: flanging, forming, trmming, drawing etc
Automotive Stamped Part
Automotive Stamped Part


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