Precision Progressive Die

precision progressive die over 11 years experience

1 - Precision progressive die with precise tolerance

2- Die material choose SKD11, D2

3- Die standard parts: MISUMI

4- Die procedure: drawing, flanging

Latest Progressive Dies

  • Automotive Part Progressive Die
    Automotive Part Progressive Die Automotive Part Progressive Die  lue service, quality and competitive price, Progressive tool Chose Hiparter MouldsHiparter value service, quality an  
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  • Auto Bracket Progressive Die
    Auto Bracket Progressive Die 1) Die Material: SKD11,Cr12mov;  2) Cavity:1 3) Die type:progressive die 4) Thickness of material: 4.5mm
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  • China Progressive Tool
    China Progressive Tool China excellent progressive tools supplier, Hiparter! This progressive tool on showing is exported to America. Made in China. Tool Material:…
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  • Progressive Die
    Progressive  Die  
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