Auto Metal BRKT Progressive Tool


1) Auto progressive tool since the year 2003

2) Experienced skills  to save cost at most

3) Tool spare parts: MISUMI, PUNCH

4) Long tool lifetime

5) Rich export experience over 30 countries

Latest Progressive Dies

  • China Progressive Tool
    China Progressive Tool China excellent progressive tools supplier, Hiparter! This progressive tool on showing is exported to America. Made in China. Tool Material:…
    Read 766 times
  • Two Cavities Progressive Die
    Two Cavities Progressive Die Reasonable die structure, die trial is successful in twice times.
    Read 1311 times
  • Progressive Die
    Progressive  Die  
    Read 1208 times
  • High quality progressive die
    High quality progressive die High quality progressive die 1- More than  11 years experience 2- Die material: SKD11, SKH-9 3- Punch, screw, pins use…
    Read 1028 times
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