Microwave Oven Metal Case Featured

This Microwave Oven  Metal Case is made by progressive die, we improve the die stages and die structure to increase the productivity.

1)Located in Qingdao,which is a coastal and international city, it is convenience to ship the dies by air or by sea;

2)Reasonable die structure to save sheet metal material, also guarantee the quality of products;

3)Tracking every steps for manufacturing the dies, to ensure the lead time;

4)Feedback any question or problem in 24 hours;

5)All employees intend to make each product with zero defect;

6)Design software: AUTOCAD, UG, Pro/e, Solid works;

7)2~5 samples will be send to customers for inspection or assembly before shipping;

8)Advanced manufacturing, measuring and testing equipments;

microwave oven metal case stamping die
Related Stamping Die  Picture:

We machine and assembly the stamping dies in house, also, there are many press machine for die trial in our factory. So we can save more time to adjust the stamping dies once there is some problem.

China microwave oven metal case

In order to meet requirement of high productivity from our customer, we apply the progressive die to realize the microwave oven sheet metal case.

This sheet metal part is for SANYO microwave oven.

China microwave oven metal case stamping


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