Water Heater Stamping Die Featured

Famous on  Water Heater  stamping dies --Hiparter.

1. Great team with 13 years' experience;

2. ISO9001:2008;

3.Reasonable die structure to longer die life;

4.High precision machining to guarantee the quality;

5. Competitive lead time and price;

6. Supply Technical drawings in 2D/3D;

7.HS Code:8207300090

Related Water Heater Stamping Die  Pictures:

Die stages:6

Water Heater Stamping Tool

Tell us your requirement of the die life. So that we can choose the suitable die material.

This die has been used in our customer's factory for many years.

End Cover of Water Heater Stamping Die:

Water Heater End Cover Stamping Die

This die is for water heater right end cover.

We have our own press machines for  die trials, also, we can supply you the service for batch production.

When delivery the die, we can paint it with the color you prefer.

Water Heater Stamping Tool

Welcome to your inquiry with detailed drawings or real samples.

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