Microwave Oven Front Panel Stamping Die Featured

  1. Product Name: Microwave Oven Front Panel;
  2. Die type: Single stage die;
  3. Die material: SKD11, Cr12mov
  4. Spare parts: PUNCH stardard;
  5. Die life:500,000 shots;
  6. Lead time: 40 days;
  7. Payment: TT, L/C;

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oven front panel

Our advantages:

1)Located in Qingdao, a coastal and international city, it is convenience to ship the dies by air or by sea;
2)Reasonable die structure to save more sheet metal material, also guarantee the quality of die and products;
3)Tracking every steps for manufacturing the dies, to ensure the lead time and quality;
4)Feedback any question or problem in 24 hours;
5)All employees intend to make each product with zero defect;
6)Design software: CAD, UG, Pro/e, Solid works;
7)2~5 samples will be free to send to customers for inspection or assembly before shipping;
8)Advanced manufacturing, measuring and testing equipment;
Galanze microwave oven metal chassis
Galanze microwave oven metal chassis for reference.

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