Auto Superior Reinf Stamping Tools Featured

  • Parameter:
  • 1) Part Name: Auto Seat Superior Reinf Metal Part;
  • 2) Part Material: JSC270D;
  • 3) Material Thickness: 2mm;
  • 4) Unfolded Size: 1521*172*2.0mm;
  • 5) Stages No.: 4;
  • 6) Forming, Blanking,Forming, Trimming;
  • 7) HS Code: 820730090;
  • 8) ISO9001:2008  by SGS;
  • 9) Made in Qingdao, China.

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Auto Superior Reinf Stamping Tool

The tools need around 250T press machine, the tools size of this part is 1940mm.

The max tool size we can make around 3.5m.

Paint the tool with the color you require.

Tool is exported to Ecuador.

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